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Rotanical is an Indonesian Company based in Cirebon City that sells Rattan furniture, home accessories, and various other goods.

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2020's Covid-19 outbreak had caused adverse effect, not only to public health, but also to the global economy, including Indonesia particularly micro, small, and medium enterprises. The disruption towards international trade has extended to local traditional artists alike. Particularly in Indonesia, the national economy is under solid recovery, dominantly supported by export trades.

Rotanical is committed to strengthen our local industry's economy, by creating a system resistant from economic plunge, one of which is 2023 recession as claimed by economists. In furtherance, rattan as a commodity has not yet been commercialized to the fullest extent, considering almost 300 species of rattans grow annually in Indonesia, and only few are being traded.

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| Environment

Rotanical joins the world in battling carbon emission and pollution, all by promoting and implementing sustainable development goals, i.e., Climate Action.

| Eco-Concious

Rotanical targets to further eco-conscious cities and create human settlements as an inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable environment, benefitting both human and environment.

| Economy

Rotanical create jobs and employs local traditional artists in hope of increasing regional wealth index, particularly for micro, small, and medium enterprises.

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